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Pledge your support and help us create Trainz: A New Era

The world's favourite rail simulator is undergoing an extreme makeover - all new graphics engine, new features, new levels of realism.

Trainz: A New Era is far more than a train driving simulation. It offers something for every train fan - from the tools to create your own rail line, commands to operate multiple trains, and a choice of simple or realistic cab controls to hop inside the cab and become a driver in charge a 3,000 tonne freight train or a high speed passenger service.

With the support of our fans from all around the world, we can deliver the best ever version of Trainz - Trainz Simulator: A New Era.

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What is the Trainz Enthusiast Group?

Bring your passion and experience of rail operations from around the world into Trainz. Receive all rewards up to and including SENIOR ENGINEER, PLUS join us as a member of the Trainz Enthusiast Group. You will have read access to the design specs for each system and access to private TEG forums to provide your feedback and discuss systems with other members. The Pioneer Council members will also have access to these forums and will summarize your feedback and move the key conclusions into the Council Forums.

What Do I get in the Collectors Edition of Trainz: A New Era?
COLLECTORS LIMITED EDITION of Trainz: A New Era encased in a metal case complete with an individually numbered certificate, full colour Manual and five 6" x 8" high gloss Trainz postcards and a signed Supporter Scroll thanking you for your support.

What is Trainz: A New Era?
This is the name for the 'next generation' of Trainz as announced on Kickstarter:

It will be completed and ready for delivery in December 2014.

What is a Pre-Order?
Orders placed on this site provide a range of rewards that are explained in detail on our Kickstarter Project page.

The Kickstarter project ends on December 18, 2013. The anewera.trainzportal website allows you to pledge your support for a range of rewards using either credit card or Paypal.

Will my order here contribute to the Kickstarter total?
No, these amounts do not appear on Kickstarter. They will however contribute toward the Stretch Goals. We will also publish regular updates of the totals received via the anewera.trainzportal website.